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So insane they'll blow your mind!

Since the fall of the other servers I've been image linking off of, there are many picture errors. I'm finding what I can on other places and uploading. That's right, I'm uploading so no more errors after this.
Last Update on 2-1-99! Yea! More pictures!
And for those of you who are about to close this browser cause you see nothing happening... don't. The pictures are NOT thumbnailed yet.

Slayer Moon Section

Uh-huh. Wrong anime series. Very funny... Gourry's looking a lot like Mina. That's the only reason this pic is here.

Doesn't Lina look a lot like Lita?

Why is meatball head Serena doing chasing some carp in the back of this picture???

Gourry must really like looking like meatballhead Serena.

It's Gourry again as Mina. And everyone's crossdressing now!

Here's a new one of Gourry as Mina. But I don't think Mina prefers boxers.

Okay. Slayer Scout role call! Lina = Sailor Moon. Ameria = Ami(Sailor Mercury). Zelos (Purple hair dude on the right) and Zelgadiss = Negaverse Generals. Martina (Aqua hair girl)= Queen Beryl. Hey, Gourry isn't Mina anymore! And who's in the back smoking? And who are the two on the bottom. One is Shilifel I believe.

Weird section

Hair coloring made easy. "I'm gonna rock and roll all night... And kick butt every day!"
You can tell they're loud. Check out those demented mouths!
What's with Gourry? What's he yellin anyway? "Adrian"?
And about Zelgadis? I can play the guitar like a... battle axe?

Slayers Try. Stands for: Just try and stop me from jammin' it in your face!

Do I hear 1500?

Cool shades or old hippie Zel and Ameria?
"Nyaaaah... Young whippersnappers!"
And now, (groan) the 5th grade will put on a play. Although, Gourry should only be in 4th...

Ohhhhh, I don't wanna know.

I have no freakin clue.

"Gimme it!"
Whatsamatter Lina Inverse? Chicken?!?

Look out it's... (groan) I've had enough.
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