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I must fix the broken pics. I linked them to another page. I have most of them on my computer, so I'll try and compress and upload them tomorrow.
"Woah! What a rush. The Paladin updated this page."

That's Lina in the middle, Gourry's on the left, and Zelgadiss is on the right.

Gourry pics. It's pronounced like Galrey for unknown reasons though. About the last Gourry pic: Don't worry if you can't read what he's saying, he doesn't say anything intelligent anyway.
Ameria pics
Zelgadiss pic
Lina pics
Lina pic from first movie

Rezo the Red Priest.
I couldn't resist! It's Catgirl Lina!
Click here for more (cuter) catgirls. It goes to my Catgirl Archive.